september 15 – hearthstone & mythic dungeons

This morning I was woken up by a phonecall. I only slept like 4 hours and after that I logged into Hearthstone. I’ve lost a few ranks while I was trying out a new deck yesterday so I wanted to catch up. I logged on my mage and played against a hunter – it was so close:

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 10.36.08

I was playing against a 23hp priest who put Majordomus on the board. I killed him which resulted in the priest being Ragnaros with only 8 hp left – then he died. 😀 My mage also won against another mage who had won 500+ games.

*click picture  to enlarge*

Later during the day it came to my mind I registered on a while ago. I wanted to stream the Siege of Orgrimmar-raids back then – instead I was recording them as videos and put them on youtube. Today I was thinking about streaming Hearthstone so I was testing my video-settings, audio will be added later. I’m still not quite confident with the quality. As soon as I am I will let you know about it and you can watch 😉


Back in World of Warcraft I chose to let my priest go Archimonde and pay
grimrailfor a 100% kill with personal loot. No suprise I didn’t get any loot 😦

On ironmy mage I did the weekly quest – four mythic dungeons. So my bf and I looked for a group. We were quite lucky as it was pretty smooth. I got 3 more achievements.

I said if I should get my bracers a third time… well, then what?! I didn’t know. I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen. The reason behind it is: I got my bracers through an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest and got it again. I didn’t want it a third time.

chestchest1The chest isn’t
better really. My mage got set-bonus (4) and I wouldn’t want to swap my chest because I’d lose the bonus.


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