september 12 – disc going lfr

Today I started off with my 689 disc priest. He had 10 seals and as I didn’t go looking for raid a few weeks I queued. Read on for what I experienced today.


So I queued for all parts of lfr and started on the first part. No mages, no warlocks nor shamans were in the group – unusual.

socDuring the second part we wiped on Socretar once – after 10! minutes and 3% left.

archiAnd finally my priest helped killing Archimonde.

The day ended in Thunderbluff on my priest twink Luminh together with my favourite DK – who is my bf <3. As it already was 3:30 a.m. we said “first of us who is revealing a legendary card goes to the bed first.” Both of us turned a card over and got a common card each. Next draw we both revealed a legendary card. 😀hearthstonec

Then we both went to bed.

Loot I got today (10/13 bosses):

boots off Iron Reaver + gem – needed 🙂

shoulders off Velhari  – needed 🙂


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